Satsuki Kakizono
Satsuki Kakizono
Name in Japanese 柿園 さつき
Romaji Translation Kakizono Satsuki
Nickname/s Zono
Voice Actor (Japanese) Asuka Oogame
Personal Info
Gender Female
Media Appearances
Anime Debut A Wish for Subaru

Satsuki Kakizono (柿園 さつき Kakizono Satsuki?) is one of Aoi's friends and possibly also one of Subaru's friends seen playing basketball in episode 4.

She bashes Uehara very hard in the gut after he nearly ruins their suggestion of setting up Aoi alone with Subaru for a study date.

Tae refers to her by her nickname "Zono" both in episode 7 when she comes up with the idea of arranging a study date for Aoi and Subaru and in episode 8 in the basketball match vs. the Keishin girls team when she passes the ball to her at 13m07s. She and Tae are aware of Aoi's crush on Subaru and they try to help them get together.