Rena Ashihara is part of the Suzuridani Academy girls' basketball team. Though, it was proven that she was 

Rena Ashihara

Name in Japanese

葦原 怜那
Voice Actor(Japanese) Akiko Hasegawa
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday June 1
Class 5-2
Team/s Suzuridani Girls Team
Number 13
Position Small_Forward
Height 133 cm
Blood Type B
Media Appearances
Anime Debut

Ro Kyu Bu SS

 "I Wish with You"

kicked off of the team, but then had to play in the tournament. She first made herself known to the Takenaka twins with a braggart swagger and beat them in a 2-on-1 basketball game. The deal between them is supposed to be amongst themselves, but dealing with her has become an affair for the whole team, particularly Masami, when she accidentally messes up with her operations during the food festival. She is used to, and is excellent in, 1-on-1 basketball, but she was forced to play 5-on-5 during an important tournament, something she is not accustomed to, and against Keishin—the very team she crossed.

Jeresy number: 13


Rena is a auburn-haired girl of average height. She is usually seen with a red jacket, ponytails, and a lollipop in her mouth.


Rena is thought out to be a bratty, petite, show-off. She may have her soft moments. But, other times, she just is bratty. At one time, she gloated over beating the Takenaka twins who just came out of a grueling defeat against Tomoka's team. 


Rena is an exceptionally athletic player for her age whose strength lies on her strong isolation plays. In Suzuridani's first-round match in the regional tournament against Keishin, she used a move called Magical Vanishing Ball, where she dribbles the ball right under the defender's legs, then catches it quickly as she blows the defender away. In two separate instances, she made alley-oop shots from Aya and Miyu's passes, a true testament to her athleticism. 

However, she tends to play all by herself with no regard to her teammates, such as when she tried to play one-on-five against the entire Keishin fifth-grade team, sending her into early foul trouble with three personal fouls by halftime. Moreover, she tends to be lazy on defense, as when she just stared at Tomoka and Masami as she made their respective shots.