Mimi Balguerie
Mimi Avatar
Name in Japanese ミミ・バルゲリー
Romaji Translation Mimi Barugerī
Voice Actor (Japanese) Misaki Kuno
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday July 26th (Leo)[1]
Class 5-D
Team/s Keishin (Girls)
Number 10
Position Small Forward
Height 135cm (4'5")
Blood Type A[2]
Media Appearances

Mimi Balguerie (ミミ・バルゲリー Mimi Barugerī?) is a 5th grade French-Japanese transfer student of Keishin Academy.

Mimi used to be a member of a club during her time in France and in Hawaii learned how to play basketball. Having been born from a French father and Japanese mother, she frequently mixes French phrases into her speech. Her family couldn't adapt to the Hawaiian environment and due to her father's work for the Japanese laboratory to be done in Hawaii, Mimi transferred to Keishin Academy and was placed into Kagetsu's class.

She organizes her own basketball team to challenge Tomoka's team, after arriving at Keishin Academy.

Character OverviewEdit


Like Hinata, Mimi's overall appearance is described as doll-like. She has a small figure, cyan-colored irises, white skin and a long, straight silver hair in a hime-cut that is frequently seen with a light blue ribbon tying a few strands back.


Opposite to Hinata, Mimi rarely demonstrate visible expressions except a small smile and frown. She belongs to the category of "iceberg beauty", a frequent element in Japanese fictions with high popularity.

She is seen holding a rather traditional value of honor, Tomoka earns her respect by besting over her a couple of times.


Mimi's basketball skills are stated in the Light Novels to be at a higher level than Tomoka, thus she views Tomoka as a worthy rival. However, as evident during the match between the 5th and the 6th graders, she tends to try to win games all by herself at the expense of her teammates, just like how Tomoka used to be before transferring to Keishin.

Her playing style is known in the modern game as the Swingman, a player with the size of a guard and the close-range shooting ability of a forward.


Girls with silver hair are a rare occurrence in real-world, but frequently seen in fictional worlds of Japanese, especially in animations, comics, video games and light novels (ACGN for short). Female characters most likely to have silver hair if they are vampires or Caucasian-Mongolian mixed-blood (Mimi for instance).


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