Kazunari Uehara
Kazunari Uehara
Name in Japanese 上原 一成
Romaji Translation Uehara Kazunari
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Voice Actor (English) Tony Oliver
Personal Info
Gender Male
Class 1st grade, 3rd group
Media Appearances
Anime Debut The Wish of a Little Girl

Kazunari Uehara (上原 一成 Uehara Kazunari?) is a minor character. He is a friend of Subaru and he seems close to Aoi too.

A bookworm-type person, but he always intentionally joking about Subaru being a lolicon while Aoi is also presented, which is considered offensive after his basketball club's deactivation, thus getting himself beaten up by Aoi violently every time.