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Hinata Hakamada
Hinata Avatar.PNG
Name in Japanese 袴田 ひなた
Romaji Translation Hakamada Hinata
Nickname/s Hina
Innocent Charm
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yui Ogura
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday 3 March (Pisces)
Class 6-C
Class Job Animal Care
Team/s Keishin (Girls)
Number 8
Position Point Guard

Small Forward (Episode 11 onwards)

Height 131cm (4'4")
Blood Type O
Media Appearances
Anime Debut Here Comes an Elementary School Student! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Hinata Hakamada (袴田 ひなた Hakamada Hinata?) is the smallest of the girls who often talks in a strange way, making sounds like "Oh~" or "Ah~", and has a huge collection of plush toys. Despite looking like she is the most innocent and naive of the team, sometimes her behavior suggests otherwise.

She has an overprotective younger sister named Kagetsu Hakamada who later joins her team.

The rival boys basketball team's captain Natsuhi Takenaka happens to have a small crush on her, but she never views him in a romantic way.

Character Overview[]


Hinata has silky and fanned-out pastel-pink hair done in a hime-cut extending to her knees, which is slightly curly at the ends. Her eyes have pink-purple irises drawn in a unique style, with slightly smaller pupils and the irises are overall less shadowy than those of the other girls. Her skin is very light in colour, almost pale or purely white.

Her most striking feature is the tiny figure, being the smallest of the five main girls, despite having a younger sister by one year named Kagetsu, who is notably taller. Although small in physique, Hinata is surprisingly well-endowed for her age, as canonically she has the second-largest bust of the 6th-graders (only beaten by Airi), and posseses a quite curvaceous bust line. Her short height is implied to be a result of illness and related growth issues from when she was younger. Due to this, Kagetsu often worries about her health.

In the first volume of the light novel, Subaru describes Hinata as "a French doll comes to life", and her appearance in the light novel's illustrations look more matured than her equivalents in the adaptions of anime, manga and video games.


Generally, Hinata is a sweet and innocent girl. Similar to Maho, she is outgoing, energetic and happy-go-lucky, while possessing a rather bizarre way of viewing the world. Unlike Maho though, Hinata is very well-behaved.

Hinata has occasional bouts of "naturally dull (天然ボケ)", acting air-headed from time to time.

Hinata views Subaru as a big-brother-like figure, and doesn't mind making physical contacts with him. As often seen, she loves hugging him and being carried on his back, and has a "Koala Attack" he can't counter. She even offers to sleep with him in the same bed. However, like all girls in the team, Hinata also has feelings to Subaru, and becomes slightly anxious if he gets too close to other girls. This shows especially in Episode 4 and Episode 7 of the first season, when she eagerly wants to know if Subaru has feelings to her after he "confessing" to Airi.

Being the elder of the Hakamada sisters, Hinata cares about her little sibling, Kagetsu, very much. She will do anything to make Kagetsu happy as long as she doesn't interfere in her personal life.


Hinata is the smallest and initially least-skilled player on the team. However, she greatly develops over time and is able to come up with useful techniques against bigger opponents.

She lacks stamina and endurance at the beginning, but is able to catch up as her training progresses, eventually even capable of passing trials given by her sister Kagetsu, who is an amateur marathoner.

Among them is her reverse layup over Suzuridani's Center in the 10th episode of the 2nd season. [1] Since many defenders are not used to guarding smaller players, Hinata can just go right through them and she can either layup the ball over the defenders or pass it to an open teammate.


  • Hinata (ひなた) is a common name for Japanese girls, and it is often written in Hiragana. When using Kanji, this name can be scripted as "向日葵 (sunflower / ひまわり / himawari)", roughly same as Aoi (葵), or "日向 / 陽向 (Facing the sun)". The Chinese translation of Ro-Kyu-Bu! chooses 日向 to be Hinata's given name.
    • Hinata self-addresses as Hina, which has a different meaning; Hina (ひな) can be written as "雛" in kanji, means "juvenile", "hatchling" or "youngling". It also can be written as "陽菜", another common name for Japanese girls.
  • Hakamada means "men's formal divided skirt" (袴) (hakama) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta/da).
    • Hakama are a type of traditional Japanese clothing. Trousers were used by the Chinese imperial court in the Sui and Tang dynasties, and this style was adopted by the Japanese in the form of hakama beginning in the sixth century.
  • According to a voting after the light novel's release, Hinata is ranked the second favorite character among the "inner five" of "Subaru's girls", only next to Tomoka.
  • Due to Hinata being favored by all the boys in her class and her innocent looks and naivete, Touko nicknames her "Innocent Charm" (イノセント・チャーム Inosento Chāmu, lit. "Naive devilish innocence").
  • Hinata might look like the youngest of the girls, but she is actually the 2nd youngest, being born in March (due to the fact that in Japan, schools start term in April). However, she is still 11 and People stay on her height of the 1st season.
  • Hinata is good in water, capable of swimming fast by dog-paddling.
  • Hinata seems having a special liking to Airi's chest, especially in anime and comic adaptations.
  • Interestingly, Hinata is the only one among "inner five" of "Subaru's girls" who has both family name and given name begin with the same letter in Romaji spelling. And also the only one without her parents' occupations revealed.
  • Hinata inherits much of the physical traits from their mother, while Kagetsu is a look-a-like of their father.
  • Despite looking young even for her age, Hinata's personality matches more with that of girls who belong into the category of "attractive, matured elder sisters" in visual novels that "seducing" male protagonists from time to time.


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