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Furaingu Kettō!
Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Episode 14
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Air date (Japan) July 12, 2013
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After Tomoka's friendly match against the French girl, Mimi Balguerie, Subaru's father, Ginga Hasegawa, appears, who reveals that Mimi is his basketball pupil who will be staying with them for a while.

The next day, after Mimi transfers into Kagetsu's class at Tomoka's school, she appears before Natsuhi, saying that she wants to form her own team so she can have a rematch with Tomoka.

Meanwhile, Subaru shows some concern when Saki informs him about the fact that her childhood friend, Masami Fujii, took a picture of them together at the summer festival. The two go to talk to Masami, who had started to dislike Saki due to a family business rivalry, persuading her to delete the picture after pointing out it won't help her improve her family business.

Natsuhi eventually manages to form a 5-player team of fifth graders, consisting of Mimi Balguerie, Kagetsu Hakamada, Masami Fujii and his two twin sisters, Tsubaki Takenaka and Hiiragi Takenaka, challenging Tomoka's team with the gym at stake. As the match gets underway, Mimi's team struggles as they are too focused on individual rivalries as opposed to working as a team. Halfway through the match, Ginga shows up, announcing that he will act as the fifth graders' manager for the day.

Trivia Edit

  • Subaru notes that Mimi is wearing a team captain's uniform, which implies that she had prior experience in competitive basketball back in France. In this episode, Mimi wears the jersey number 33, the same one as that of NBA legend Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics.