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Boku no Yume wa Kimi no Yume
Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Episode 12
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Air date (Japan) September 23, 2011
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As Suzuridani and Keishin continuously edge each other by one point, the game comes down to Airi being the Center and the rest being the shooters (Subaru's strategy which is called the "One Center, Four Shooter" offense).

As the clock winds down to the very last seconds with Subaru's team one point behind, Saki shoots from around the center of the court, but hits the ball against the edge of the basket, losing the match, 25-26.

As the team rebuilds their resolve, Subaru contemplates their future. The day after, Subaru enters the gym to find Tomoka in a maid's outfit offering herself to him, whereupon Subaru wishes to see her shoot one more time.

The rest of the team comes out of the dressing room and reveals that they expected Subaru and Tomoka to have a more intimate encounter to compensate for the lost exhibition match, subduing Subaru after with the intention of giving him a massage when he resolves to continue their training (whereupon Aoi, accompanied by Mihoshi (having brought refreshments), assaults Subaru for what she believes is his impropriety). The credits roll as Subaru is seen with each individual member of the team on social outings and basketball practice.


  • Keishin's trademark offensive strategy is called the "One-Center, Four-Shooter" offense, a variant of the dribble drive motion offense. This involves drawing a double team (i.e. an extra defender) to a single player, usually the Center, to free up a teammate for an uncontested jump shot. As demonstrated by Suzuridani's head coach Manaka Nobidome, this can be stopped by a man-to-man defense since it does not allow spot-up shooters to get an uncontested jump shot.
  • The exhibition match marks the first time that Hinata has used the "boss-hand reverse" shot in a match. This is a move developed by Hinata over the summer against bigger players. Since most youth basketball players are not used to guarding a smaller player, Hinata can easily get past the defenders of Suzuridani (even as far as being able to literally go under them). The reverse layup shot is also very difficult to defend against since Hinata throws the ball just short of where the defender is supposed to block.