Banri Kashii
Banri Kashii
Name in Japanese 香椎 万里
Romaji Translation Kashii Banri
Voice Actor (Japanese) Kenji Hamada
Voice Actor (English) Johnny Yong Bosch
Personal Info
Gender Male
Class Job Student
Height 200cm (6'7")
Media Appearances

Banri Kashii (香椎 万里 Kashii Banri?) is Airi Kashii's older brother.

Character OverviewEdit


  • Banri's height bestows him extra advantages when in defensive positions, therefore receives the nickname "万里の長城", literally "The Great Wall", making puns on both his name and his talents of defense.
  • Most of the time Banri is friendly to Subaru, however being an overprotective brother, he is not very happy to see "development" between Subaru and his little sister.