Airi Kashii
Airi Avatar
Name in Japanese 香椎 愛莉
Romaji Translation Kashii Airi
Nickname/s Airin
Prismatic Bud
Voice Actor (Japanese) Rina Hidaka
Voice Actor (English) Cassandra Lee Morris
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday 5 April (Aries)
Class 6-C
Class Job Bulletin Placement
Team/s Keishin Girls
Number 7
Position Center
Height 168cm (5' 6")
Blood Type A
Media Appearances
Anime Debut Here Comes an Elementary School Student! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Airi Kashii (香椎 愛莉 Kashii Airi?) (also called Airin[1]) is the tallest and oldest girl (born in April) in the team, also the quietest one among the "inner five".

She has a overprotective elder player named Banri, who is a renowned local amateur basketball player.

Character OverviewEdit


Airi is an extremely tall and well-endowed girl for her age, even surpasses Aoi who is a high school girl. She also has brownish orange short hair and irises.


Against her rather "bulky" physique, Airi is a shy, reserved girl, and can be very sensitive, even over-reactive should her height becomes the topic. Apart from the physical complex, she's also afraid of water.

Airi also develops feelings to Subaru like her teammates, and Subaru's accidental "confessions", combining with her shy nature, complicated the matter.


Airi's primary talent is her unusual body length, making her the most suitable player in the team. As Tomoka states to Subaru, Airi can do so many things with her height[2]. Her height complex, however, prevents her from playing at her full potential.

Airi is a formidable force to be reckoned with because her height enables her to easily make rebounds, block shots, and shoot the ball from near the basket. This was used to the girls' advantage against the boys team since the latter doesn't have any big players to match her.

After overcoming her height complex thanks to the hard training with Aoi, she became the most important piece of Keishin's "One Center, Four Shooter" offense. Airi would draw 2 players to herself, freeing a teammate for an uncontested jump shot. Subaru states that the "One Center, Four Shooter" offense requires a strong Center player like Airi.

In Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS, Airi has fully developed into a face-up type (i.e. face up towards the basket) Center player. Normally, a post-up game (or behind-the-basket, i.e. back behind the basket) is best suited for her due of her size. But because of her gentle personality and her training with an undersized Center such as Aoi, a face-up game suits her much better.


  • Airi's height is never revealed in any media adaptions. because she was recovering from cold when her classmates were having physical examinations, subsequently missed measuring her body length.
  • However judging from a picture of all team members standing together, her height should be close to Subaru's, if not taller.
  • Due to Airi's timidity, extreme shyness, and well-endowed figure, Touko Hatano nicknames her "Prismatic Bud" (プリズマティック・バド Purizumatikku bado, lit. "The bud that radiating colorful lights").
  • She suffers an aquaphobia brought by a traumatic experience of very young age.
  • It's revealed Airi's family runs a gym/sport club.
  • It's also revealed Airi's tall and well-endowed figure is inherited from her parents. Her father is tall and muscular, while her mother is very voluptuous. And her elder brother Banri Kashii who is overprotective to her, has a height of 200 cm.


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